Social Media Marketing company in BTM-Marathahalli Bangalore

Social Media Marketing services in BTM-Marathahalli Bangalore

Managing social media properties
We know how to get the best out of the various social media properties.
At the same time, we always recommend only those properties that
we think can really help in your case.
Facebook? LinkedIn? You Tube? Twitter?
Or another dozen other lesser known ones? Which to use and when? Don’t get carried away by the hype. Not all properties and tools are useful for everyone.
We know how to create professional quality Facebook pages, LinkedIn pages, You Tube channels, Pinterest pages etc. We create Facebook apps, where required. Just as in the case of your website, you cannot afford to have poor quality execution.

Online reputation management

We choose and set up ORM tools, monitor and manage them for you.

If yours is a well established organization, you need to be able to track and then influence what is being said about you or your brands /products/services.

We have a basic service option, using free tools, as well as more extensive, paid ones.

Collaboration solutions / Intranets

Any organization over a hundred odd employees can do wonders by using an intranet. It is one of the lowest hanging employee productivity and satisfaction tools that you can use.
Some of the benefits of such intranets:

  • More effective communication between HR & Admin with the workforce
  • Better understanding by the average employee of top management’s agenda
  • Better bonding with one’s peers and overall better satisfaction of the employee with the organization.

Interskale can conceive, build and manage end-to-end, an intranet for your organization.

In addition to intranets, we also build employee alumni portals and extranets for your suppliers, franchisees or other business partners.

Online communities

If yours is a niche area of interest, you should consider starting your own online community as large
well-known social networks like Facebook will not be able to create the same impact.

  • Pharma companies can consider communities of surgeons who use a particular niche product.
  • Educational companies can consider alumni networks.
  • People belonging to a particular ethnic community can get created a site which links them, no matter where, across the world.

Company & product blogs

Company and product blogs are useful in specific cases and work best when used along with other websites and social media. We build blogs using WordPress as well as with other CMS.