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Datawarehousing can be broadly classified into two verticals:- ETL and Reporting. Informatica is one of the leading ETL tool in the Datawarehousing space. Using Informatica we can extract transform and load data into Datawarehouse, Datamart an ODS. There are multiple products from informatica cooperation like Informatica powercenter, IDQ, Power Exchange, Informatica Vibe etc. We will be mainly focusing on Informatica powercenter tool.

It is the pride of Skydream Technical training Institute that we have a faculty with 18+ years of experience in database and datawarehousing to train you everything about Datawarehousing and Informatica in Bangalore. He has implemented more than 15 datawarehouses across multiple clients and has trained over 800 resources in datawarehousing. He is currently working as a delivery manager with one of the top MNCs.



Basic SQL
Basic Of Unix
Data warehouse basics

  • OLTP System
  • Datawarehouse
  • Different Definitions of datawarehouse
  • Data Marts
  • Types of Data Marts
  • Top-down and Bottom up approach
  • Difference between OPERATIONAL DS AND DWH
  • Types of ETL tools
  • Data scrubbing
  • Data cleansing
  • Data Extraction
  • DataTransformation
  • Data Merging
  • Data Loading
  • Types of Data loading
  • Data Aggregation
  • Datawarehouse Approaches
  • Top down approach and Bottom up approach
  • DWBI Life cycle
  • DW-database design
  • ETL life cycle phases
  • Star schema and Snow flake schema
  • Dimensional modelling
  • Facts and dimensions
  • Granuality
  • Types of Dimensions
  • Types of fact table
  • Types of OLAP

Informatica Power Center 9.1
Power center Administration

  • Informatica Power center architecture
  • Basic Objects of Informatica Power Center
  • Power center components
  • Power center Clients
  • Desiginer Options
  • Workflow manager Options
  • Work Flow monitor Options
  • Repository manager Options
  • Power center repository
  • Repository services
  • Integration services
  • Power center domain
  • Concept of nodes and grid
  • Power center administration console
PowerCenter Designer Objects

  • Creating Source Tables.
  • Creating Target Definitions.
  • Creating Target Tables
  • Creating a Pass-Through Mapping
  • Creating source definitions
  • Creating a Mapping
  • Creating Session
  • Creating Workflow
  • Creating ODBC connections
  • Creating Relational Connections
  • Creating a Mapping with Aggregate Values
  • Active and passive transformations
  • Connected and unconntectd transformations
  • Transformations which create Cache
  • Aggregator Transformation
  • Expression Transformation
  • Filter
  • Router
  • Rank
  • Sorter
  • Stored Procedure
  • Sequence Generator
  • Joiner
  • Union
  • TCT
  • UPD
  • Normalizer
  • Source Qualifier
  • XML source Qualifier
  • SQL Transformation
  • OVER view of JAVA transformation
  • Lookup Transformation
  • Creating a Mapping with SCD Type 1 and SCD Type 2
  • How to monitor loads
  • Use of Workflow monitor

Using the workflow manager

  • Connecting Transformations
  • Creating Sessions and Workflows
  • Configuring Database Connections in the Workflow Manager
  • Creating a Reusable Session
  • Creating a Workflow
  • Running and Monitoring Workflows
  • Opening the Workflow Monitor

Incremental  aggregation

Workflow  Tasks

  • Session
  • Assignment task
  • Link task
  • Event raise task
  • Event wait task
  • Timer task
  • Control Task
  • Assignment  Task
  • Decision Task
  • Email task
  • Command Task
  • Schedular
  • Post session and Pre-session commands
  • Session recovery
  • Commit points
  • Creation of Parameter file
  • Mapping and session parameter

Performance tuning in ETL

  • Various optimization technique
  • Pushdown optimization

Repository Administration

  • Creating Repository Users and Groups .
  • Connecting to the Repository.
  • Creating a Group
  • Assigning Privileges to a Group.
  • Creating a User
  • Creating a Folder
  • Folder Permissions
  • Creating Folders

Interview Tips


Graduate/Fresher/Software Developer/Working Professional with Basic SQL


  • Classroom Training
  • Corporate Training
  • Online Training


45-50 hrs Real Time Training Classes on Informatica.


Both on Weekdays / Weekends


Along with theory classes, we provide hands on exposure to students on Informatica in our lab. Our lab is open from morning 7:30 till evening.


We provide latest FREE Informatica course materials to you, so you don’t have to strain too much on taking notes.


Our team will conduct Mock Exams to test your learning level and will provide extra classes to sharpen your weak areas.


Mock interviews will be conducted by Informatica trainer


We will guide through what career to take up, which company to apply, how to apply for a job, what more to learn, what to do andwhat not to do in an interview and so on, if you consider Informatica training in Bangalore @ Skydream.


A resume should be catchy. We will help you chisel your resume into a brand new eye-catching one, if you consider Informatica training in Bangalore @ Skydream.


Informatica training in Bangalore will be helpful in building careers for people working for a big brand from the past 3-5 years into some legacy technologies like IBM mainframes, production Support, SQL/PLSQL developer college pass-outs, software testing professionals.


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